Holladay Crafts is woman-owned and operated out of Austin, TX.

During a global pandemic I had a lot of time to drink, I mean think, so when I was invited to a virtual craft night that I probably would not have attended in the past, I RSVP'd “yes”. I loved the idea of doing something social, not to mention it was being hosted by an incredibly talented friend.

The craft required me to buy a bunch of supplies for curbside pickup or delivery, sight unseen, with enough materials to make six projects though I had no idea if I was even capable of completing one!

Every time I was invited to a virtual craft night, I would check out the supply list, search the internet for the items and decide based on my findings if I wanted to join.

Will my supplies arrive in time?
Is that burnt orange or orange-orange?
I only need 2, do I have to buy 150 pieces?
Those are measured in millimeters so what size is it really?

Can someone just give me exactly what I need and I will supply my glass of champagne so I can just make something?? 

Hence, the creation of a product that allows you to do just that - make beautiful crafts, stylish home decor, or gifts for loved ones - with everything you need in one box.

Holladay Crafts puts high quality materials, hand picked, and sourced from local and US whenever possible, into a ready-to-craft kit delivered to your door. All the items you need to complete a Holladay Craft are included in the kit as well as detailed directions and tips to help you avoid mistakes and customize as you wish.  

Not a Crafter? Me Neither! But I like being creative and these crafts are beautiful, easy to complete, fun and will look great in any home.  Some crafts do not require any tools while most just need a pair of sharp scissors and a hot glue gun. I did all the groundwork for each craft featured on Holladay Craft so you don't have to...cheers!

- Celeste Lindo / Founder, Holladay Crafts

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